Of all the types of events we do, we felt one was worth a page of its own: Your wedding. Nowhere is the right music, the right attitude, and the perfect planning more necessary than at this once-in-a-lifetime event. We know you’ll have guests from young to old, and we also know that after months of anxiety, you’d really like this evening to sparkle. Which makes this the perfect job for PARTY HITS!

Father and Bride Dance - Party Hits Music and Light ShowExperience Counts

Our experience enables us to follow your specific wishes, and also to advise you where appropriate. For example, no one knows your crowd like you do, with likes, dislikes, and all those family traditions that must be followed. But we will help you integrate those details into a seamless package, and directly handle big “set pieces” like the grand march with professionalism and class. Another small but important detail: We setup before your guests arrive — no hauling gear through your dinner and toasts. At PARTY HITS, great communication beforehand ensures that you are able to RELAX and ENJOY your big night–and that goes for your guests, too!

An exceptional value

Here’s a note that may surprise you. Most couples spend less than 5% of their wedding budget on entertainment, yet guests are twice as likely to remember the music over any other aspect of the reception! That’s an unbelievable bargain–provided your DJ puts on a show worth remembering. So choose wisely, and know that at PARTY HITS, we also take a vow on your wedding day: To treat the reception as if it were our own!

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